Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Favorite English 8 Assignment

My favorite english 8 assignment in this term was the poetry assignment. I liked it because i never really do that much poetry but this really made me challenge myself and think hard of what to write down. It took me a long time but i enjoyed the challenge and made some good poetry in the process.

To the Gr.7

Next year is a big year for y'all its your last year of Elementary school and time to come in to high school. High school is alot harder than elementary you have alot more responsiblities and must work hard or else. But im here to help you guys and give some advice on how to succeed high school.

1) Learn to use your locker and dont forget the combination or your screwed.
2) Always come to class with your supplies or the teacher might give you a detention.
3) Never miss to much school and dont even try playing hookie because its really hard to catch up and that really sucks.
4) Don't fool around in class and dont try to lip off the teachers or your really screwed.
5) Always know where your classes are or you'll be lost with no where to go and Fai.l
6) Watch out for that Lale Mackus guy hes a gangster.
7) Always listen in class teachers talk real fast here and if you talk you'll miss what shes saying.
8) Always get to class on time or you may be locked out and have to wait.
9) Study hard or else you will fail no jokes man.
10) Always write in your planner because the teachers will not tell you to but it is best you write in your planner or else you'll forget and fail.

So take all these ten advices and good luck next year in Grade 8 --D.Sketchley #35

Found Poetry

What the lockout meant to me
It’s like looking at an empty tree
No cheering sound
No referee skating ’round
No flying puck
No stadium will rock
No more players shaking hands
And sounds of cheering fans.
Now that’s all I’m going to sayI
hope the agreement is on its way.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My Spring Break

My spring break was nothing special i mostly sat around my house and gamed on my xbox. My cousin and his friend came up from Nova Scotia and we went to my cottage at clucuz lake and did some ice fishing. Which is really boring because we caught nothing. I also hung out with my grandparents for a couple days and made some money.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Eng 8 Leiningen versus the Ants

Leiningen versus the ants was one of the dumbes stories i have ever read in my life it was so stupid. I mean it had no story to it i thought and the characters were badly done it made me fall asleep it was so boring. I sure hope that there are better sories in that book than this one it was poorly done.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Eng 8 To Build a Fire

The story was pretty good i thought lots of exciting things happened and it kept me guessing if the man was going to stay alive or if he was going to die. When the dog part happened i think he should have treated the dog nicer so the dog would help him

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ed Belfour

The Leafs and how goood they are

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the best no ones better. They would have won the cup this year if there was an actual season this yyear but bettman and his goons are dumb. I dont like you bettman. And for everyone who likes the Philledelphia Flyers they are stupid. I'm a 100% sure that the leafs will win it in the next season. Belfour is da man